Whose blog is this? Why did you start it?

My name is Elliott Phear and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Phear Creative, a New York-based creative content agency with expertise in helping brands establish cultural relevance with younger consumers. 

As an entrepreneur, I've always been interested in how other business creators found their big idea, and then overcame the obstacles to make it happen. I started By The Bootstraps to tell the stories of these gutsy individuals and to shed light on the character, passion and imagination it takes to create and innovate in today’s markets.

For the past ten years, along with Phear Creative co-founder Casey McGrath, our agency has grown from a handful of creative misfits to several teams of producers, writers, strategists, artists, account folks, directors, etc. who all share one belief: in order to make great work, you must love what you do. Of course it’s not without its challenges, but we like to say that ‘These are the Glory Days’, because there’s no time like the present to make beautiful and impactful things happen.

I currently live in Brooklyn with my wife and two children.