Insights From The Bootstrappers So Far: The Long Game

It’s been a couple months since I launched By The Bootstraps, and it’s been a great reception (thank you!).  I thought I’d take a day to reflect on what I’ve learned since launching the project.  Although there are many insights, today I want to focus on just one – The Long Game.

The Long Game is a phrase you often hear used in business meetings, and when used casually, it can lose its meaning.  But if you really consider the true meaning of "the long game", to me it means this – "I have discovered what I’m passionate about and I’m going to commit to it, good or bad, for the unforeseeable future because I care about it that much."

Whether it was Brian Smith nearly losing his mind as he studied to become a sommelier, Scott Lapatine, who still routinely works till 1am, not because he has to, but because he wants to, or Kerry Diamond, who distributed her print magazine by hand to stores to get her project launched, everyone I’ve spoken to cares so deeply about what they’re doing that they do the things most folks wouldn’t dare do, in order to win in the long term.

And that’s just cool.  And inspiring.  What I love most about the people I’ve spoken with to date is that they are all brave souls, with unique approaches, but united by the fact that they are willing to risk failure for the thing that brings them the most joy.

There is a lot more to uncover, and I’m looking forward to the conversations that unfold in the coming weeks and months with new entrepreneurs. 

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